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Welcome to Melbourne Business Online. We are a boutique web development house creating unique, hand-crafted designs. Under the hood our sites are lean and standards-compliant, meaning you get natural search engine benefits and lightning fast load times so your audience doesn't wander off elsewhere while waiting.

We are launching our new site and content management portal in October, 2011.


For those of you who have just attended the OpenCMS Days 2011 conference and are after the OpenCMS HighPerf module, just click the following link to download (UPDATED):
OpenCMS HighPerf Download V 0.117


If you attended my session you will know that, assuming you have a valid SSL certificate, this module is self-contained and runs invisibly in the background. Configure your Varnish Cache and OpenCMS HighPerf will ensure you are always serving the latest content. Detailed instructions coming in June, 2011.